Monday, October 10, 2011

Debunking the Myths: What you could tell about me from my recent Facebook posts

#1 - I am cynical about my school's history. This is not true. Just because I criticized an article for being the worst I've ever read doesn't mean I read it. I actually didn't and that's my fault. It's just very long, and it has all these ridiculous content that I think are really stupid and just ridiculous. It negates someone's personality.

#2 - MJ Siegler is great. I don't know. Although his post about Steve Jobs' passing was quite a post, I am not really accustomed to his articles. But you can also see I'm a tech person. Which is true.

#3 - It's true that I do recognize A- as a low mark, but it is not F for me. But yes, I believe that A- is not good. Oh, you can also tell that I was watching Glee. I'm not very Gleeky but, I watch it. I don't know why I am still watching it.

#4 - I'm creative. Not much. And this post probably doesn't really mean I'm creative. But I like writing. That is a form of creativity, right? 

#5 - Yeah, sometimes I am very playful and just post ridiculous things worthless, but curious enough.