Saturday, January 1, 2011

ProJosh: The Project Josh

So you might be wondering about what my New Year’s resolutions will be this next year. I have them, actually; however, they’re not the same kind of resolutions, as everyone has. Moreover, this new year, I am starting a year-long project called “Pro-Josh” (which is in short for “The Project Josh”).
Pro-Josh sums up to this only one resolution: accomplish and do the best I can this year. This project will consist of different goals per month, and they are all based on my ability — if I can do them in a given time. Included in these goals are some of the “Life’s Little Instructions,” as well as my “What to do before I die” list (which will not be published until I’m old enough to do so :)
To start this “Pro-Josh” I will be launching a website on Tumblr to update you, and will soon begin with the January’s goals. Watch for it!

Ended. Please watch out soon for a come back or something.