Thursday, September 8, 2011

Irony and What-not

It was ironic that two nights ago (or the last time I posted something) that I was saying that in a stream of consciousness blog it doesn't have to be separated into paragraphs. Well, it just happened that yesterday, I read about clarity and understanding, which is essential especially if you're discovering yourself. We are reading Socrates for philosophy, btw. And I was just learning about Socratic Irony. I don't understand it--does sarcasm count, because these are some of the examples: a professor commenting on a bad paper: "Beautiful job. You've done better" and an aerophobic person who died in a plane crash saying "Isn't this nice?" which are his last words. Those are sarcasm, aren't they?

Also, I totally forgot to post some stream-of-consciousness blog posts last night, only realizing when I am already ready to sleep. I am still going to post this here as an update--meaning no SOC blog post tonight, and I will also post this in my other blog.

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