Sunday, September 25, 2011

I have a twin.

I have a twin.

Yes, that’s my super-duper-biggest secret.  And his name is Joshua.

This photo in the right was taken about when we were 4 or 5, I forgot when. But as you can see, there are a lot of striking differences. That’s me in the left. I was fat and had pale skin; he was really thin and tan. I liked to wear really casual clothes, while he was “swaggy.” His hair was almost emo-like while mine was just plain straight—no modifiers or anything. You might not know this but my teeth developed more slowly than his. Also, he was very outgoing—he had a lot of friends when he was really young (he still has a lot of them); I was very tranquil, reserved, laid-back, and friendless. I was very narcissistic that the only photos of me were photos with ONLY me. My twin brother was fonder of our grandparents than I was. I was and am still smarter than him, though.

We were born on June 22, 1995, and I was 6 minutes earlier than he was. I wish I was born after him. But at least I always get to be the boss of him. We’re great brothers. We hate each other; but we consider each other best friends and best brothers. It’s fun having a brother—twin brothers, for the win! Oh, by the way, here we are now:

At age 16, Joshua and I are still the persons we were at 4 or 5. He’s still very stylish and formal (my only complaint is his sandals). I am still very casual and simplistic. There’s not much difference. We’re still living in the same bedroom.



sorry that's Joshua.


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