Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's a more personal thing.

Today, I am in no emotions about anything, but I do realize one thing. It is that I am so happy I cannot express my real feelings in this blog because it is not very appropriate and it does not fit in. So to solve that problem, I created my own Tumblog, my 4th blog I have ever created in Tumblr. If you are an adult or older than me who read my blog posts, well, I am in my Tumblr from now on, except in some cases; that is, for example, when I feel like posting here, when something is really big and I want to share it to the whole wide world, and when it is very important for you to know. So from now on, on my Tumblog we go! Massively.

My Tumblr is

So, uh, see you there and don't forget to make love! =D


Monday, September 13, 2010

Freedom of Speech: It's Limited

How would you feel if you were a foreigner who called the President a "pussy" and therefore banned from entering America for life? Do you think it is unfair? Here's the news of the day (British Teen, Luke Angel, banned from United States for life for offensive email to President Obama, NY Daily).

Drunk-dialing can get you in trouble with your girlfriend.
Drunk e-mailing the President of the United States, however, can get you banned from the country - permanently.
That's what apparently happened to Luke Angel, a British teen who sent a curse-laden message to the White House directed at President Obama.
"The individual had sent an email to the White House which was full of abusive and threatening language," a police spokesperson told the British newspaper, Bedfordshire On Sunday.
Officers visited Angel at his home in Silsoe, a town in Bedfordshire, England, during which time the teen admitted to sending the e-mail, although he couldn't remember what he wrote.
"I don't remember exactly what I wrote as I was drunk," he told The Sun. "But I think I called Barack Obama a pr---. It was silly - the sort of thing you do when you're a teenager and have had a few."
His e-mail, however, was brought to the attention of government officials who didn't find it quite so funny.
"The police who came ‘round took my picture and told me I was banned from America forever," the 17-year-old said.
But the young man was apparently not upset over his being shunned by a country.
"I don't really care," he said, but "my parents aren't very happy about it."
The U.S. Customs & Border Protection agency, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security and is in charge of enforcing immigration law, said it "would not discuss" specific cases. A spokeswoman, however, did tell the Daily News that "there are a variety of reasons why a person could be banned from entering the United States."
She noted that, through the Immigration and Naturalization Act, there are more than 60 reasons a person could be denied entry. Among them are health concerns, immigration violations, as well as security concerns.
Despite the fact that it is not uncommon for a person to be banned from entering the US, I think it is not unfair that a person would be banned for life. I mean, come on, America is the dreamiest nation on Earth. Barack Obama will die someday. Iraq might disappear in 2050. Presidents may become King in the US and replace the government with a monarchy. Who knows what the future will be? One thing though -- he needs a lesson on "how not to be drunk." Oh, Brits.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I am back.

So yes! I decided to come back after a brief break, and start blogging again. Just look at my photoshopped picture below to see why ;)

In inclusion to that, I started a Wordpress blog in which I published a personal goals (if you haven't known already), but you need search it first to see it. Note: My handwriting is so messed up, so I need to add that to my goal too...haha. 

However, those are just not goals, goals, goals; there are also goals inside those goals. I will start a new project in January and you would really want to watch out for that blog post! I will need to search for haircuts online (LOL?) for my mature years (if I ever want to be mature :)) and there will be some more once I get to them. If you want to, make your own list! Submit it to my DailyBooth account! Click here to go there.

Thanks to all of you who kept watching for and reading my blog posts!

So, this is Josh. Yes, I am Josh. This is my life.