Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm Josh Medrano, and I'm signing off

Ever know of talents? Ever know of aspirations? Ever know of inspiration? Well, I mostly don't. It really takes time how to find your talents, aspirations, and inspirations. Today, I realized these criteria being required on the blogging environment. I do not say, however, that I don't have talent, aspirations, or inspirations. But I have a heart whether my talents, aspirations, and inspirations are surely real enough. Enough to start a career. Enough to start a new life. Enough to make a living.

One of my instincts I have been evaluating is that I shouldn't write, or better yet, I do not deserve to write, but I will write. (Don't let me cause a confusion; just move on) But this might not be the last post you'll see from me. I am considering to create another blog (but not soon) in focus of a special category, which I have not decided yet. But in the meanwhile, I'll leave this blog open because someone may like it and decide to source it to a biography project or a research project (so weird of me, but anyway...).

If you have questions, just tell me, I'll be in touched and respond. But first, let me just find a little bit of my real self. Thank you for standing by.

TI am Josh Medrano, and I'm signing off.

Friday, April 2, 2010

got my iPod yesterday

got my iPod yesterday

yup, I got it! I was very excited to open the big box mailed to me.
after a long waiting, I finally got to open it charge it, and access
everything I can! oh, that was just today lol. I charged my phone for
twelve hours and brought it to school just for my first whole day look
at it. currently, I'm practicing typing on this little fabulous thing.
it's really amazing! anyway I will still be blogging but with a new
goal: type with. iPod touch :) Cheers!

Josh ; )

-- Josh Medrano