Saturday, March 27, 2010

joshism10: Earth Hour!

joshism10: Earth Hour!

Earth Hour!

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Happy Earth Day, or should I say, hour! Go Green today and vote Earth from Global Warming! Just turn your lights off at 8:30 on your local time and you may, turn them on again after one hour, unless you're sleeping already. Now, why? Why? You're asking me, why? Well first of all, I want you to know, I didn't know this thing before I saw the link on Google. Secondly, here answers the question, "Why turn the lights off":
  • There's a snowstorm in Spring! Of course, we don't want that. It's time for the flowers to bloom and grow (agreed?). Anyhow, Spring is the "Getting Green" season, so let's participate.
  • It's the 60th Earth Hour, and if you have not participated during these 60 years, you're doomed (just kidding!)
  • Global Warming is getting worse, and Earth is getting ready to be recycled! So turn those lights off at 8:30 and save the Earth!

For more information on Earth Hour, click this link:

May I tell you, by the way, although this is very irrelevant: this is my 60th post :)

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Spring!

I couldn't argue more with myself. I have to reveal some things, as this is a personal blog anyway. But it won't be as dramatic and confusing as the last ones.

I wouldn't be making a quandary here, don't worry. But this was me before. Yup.  This was me before. Did you know:

  1. I was garrulous. If you don't know, I am a very silent guy right now. Only maybe 15 words a day or so. I'm healthy, no worries.
  2. I learned typing with keyboard declined. Yup, the keyboard was broken--and I never asked my teacher to change it :).
  3. I was so thin I had to poop a lot in third grade. So embarrassing of me. No further explanation. Shhh....
  4. I couldn't dance folk dances. When I was chosen to audition and practice, I galloped and my not-so-smart "rival" outbeat me. I couldn't follow the instructions. Now I can.
  5. I said I was a girl scout. Not literally. In my grade school, I have always led the Kab and the Boy Scouts on promising the pledge of allegiance (I promise to do my best...) but before pledging, all Kab/Boy scouts have to stand straight when the leader (which was me) tells them to. But instead of saying "Kab"/"Boy," I mouthed "Girl", which was pretty embarrassing, but I think normal for a nervous guy like me.
Gosh, that's all I can think of right now. A lot has changed and maybe I will post it later, or I will. But anyway, I'm springing. This week is our spring break; no plans, but already have for the summer. I guess I wasn't ready. But Happy Spring!

Monday, March 15, 2010

New York Times: It's My Part and You Have to Answer

March 15, 2010

It’s My Party, and You Have to Answer


HERE’S an etiquette experiment for you: E-mail an invitation for a party, one month out, to 45 friends. Request an R.S.V.P. Provide a follow-up e-mail message, two weeks later, politely reminding them to get back to you.

How many will?

My experiment arose from plans for an evening of food, drink and literature, with readings by myself and two other writers, at a restaurant. Not exactly a drop-in-if-you’re-around kind of thing, so I asked friends to R.S.V.P. My initial message brought in a dozen responses, and the follow-up a few more, but days before the event I had a paltry 23. Not 23 who planned to come, but 23 who had bothered to respond. Half my invitees had blown me off. Why? I wasn’t peddling life insurance, after all.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pi Day 2010 and Albert Einsteins Birthday Celebrated Today! | UKTODAYNEWS.COM

Pi Day 2010 and Albert Einsteins Birthday Celebrated Today! | UKTODAYNEWS.COM

Pacquiao marches on as true star of boxing -

Pacquiao marches on as true star of boxing -

Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day!
When it comes to celebrating special days, Pi day is one of the best days. When it comes to calculating the circumference of my brain,, nuh-uh! I hated geometry all along the way. [I admit I don't even know that circle has a total of 360-degree angle. And...oh eating pies? Sorry, I don't like pie. Pi day is enough :)

Last Friday, btw, I memorized the first 54 digits of pie, which gave me 18 extra credit points for Algebra I (and surprisingly, it was included in the weekly grade and do you know what I got? 2 kreme pies and my first ever 400% weighted grade.

Oh, Pi. Happy Pi Day!
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Friday, March 5, 2010

What's up?

Oh, how nice of me to come back!

Yep, je vien!

Since this is a personal blog, emphasizing the word PERSONAL, i will be talking about personal life. Not that personal! Just personal. As in, not too personal. And let's stop talking about the word personal and let's get on to some personal "news".

I do not really like blogging, nor writing any more, but I'd really like to force myself into it to get reviews and some improvisations I should have. (That was a weird sentence)

But, oh God!, sorry, I couldn't say anything! But the title of my blog is "What's up?" so I am telling you what's up with me!

First, I got to tell is really getting funnier and funnier (not FUN, it's funny!) everyday! You'll get on to it on my next posts. Life is very ironic, isn't it? Yesteryear, it was very overwhelming, now it's funny, maybe next year, friendly, I hope.

Secondly, I am really busy right now! And there's really nothing in this section. But, what's up?